Saint-Laurent, Quebec – The Borough Council of Saint-Laurent, Quebec has adopted a local transportation plan created through public input, consultation and partnership. The plan was undertaken two years ago in response to an invitation from the Ville de Montréal issued to the boroughs to put in place a local transportation plan aligned with the city’s own transportation plan.

In the fall of 2007, Saint-Laurent organized public workshops and focus groups, made up of citizens, companies, community partners and other stakeholders, to identify major transportation issues and solutions. A second consultation was held in March 2009 to validate the broad orientations being proposed prior to the presentation of the final version.

“We consulted residents from the very start of the process in order to include their concerns in our analysis,” said Alan DeSousa, mayor of Saint-Laurent. “In addition, we took the time to hold meetings in different sectors to discuss specific problem issues and find solutions. For example, we met with residents in the Toupin sector regarding the extension of Boulevard Cavendish. Finally, we worked closely with all partners involved in the initiative. In this regard, we were pioneers because we took care to align our Action Plan with the Société de transport de Montréal’s action plan, a first in the development of a local transportation plan.”

The plan includes expanding public transit, fostering the collective use of cars, including increasing the number of Communauto service points, improving pedestrian travel conditions, a major expansion of the bicycle path network with 10 years, better truck traffic management and traffic-calming measures, bringing traffic light synchronization up to standard, and improving parking management.

“One of the highlights of our local Transportation Plan Action Plan is our willingness to significantly expand our bike path network in the near future,” DeSousa said. “As such, we plan a tenfold increase in the number of kilometres of bike paths in our territory, from 8.2 km today to 82 km within the next 10 years. We’re also planning to implement a local action plan in favour of pedestrians, which will include universal access. The plan includes a variety of measures, such as better development of pedestrian lanes and giving priority treatment to zones where accidents are more likely to occur.”

To see the complete version of the plan, visit Saint-Laurent and click on the “Transportation Plan” graphical link.


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