November 22, 2002

Montreal auto show starts Friday

Montreal, Quebec – The 2003 Montreal International Auto Show, the largest ever organised in its 35 year history, starts Friday at the new Palais des Congres de Montreal. It runs from November 22nd to December 1st.

At a press conference on Thursday, Andre Dorais, President of the Auto Show said, “Aside from the new dates and new location, we have also decided to offer
car and light truck enthusiasts a completely redesigned Auto Show, which will
bring together all of the major players in the auto industry. All of the major products and brand names will be on display.”

More than 650 vehicles, representing 41 brand names, will be presented by the
vehicles manufacturers, including everything from the most accessible to the
most prestigious. This is a “fully equipped” Auto Show!” said Dorais. There will be 17 Canadian premiers, 4 prototypes and 9 concept vehicles including one North American premiere.

As part of a special Auto Show attraction, a team of engineers from
McGill University will present the fruits of two years’ worth of work, by
showcasing an impressive car that they’ve built. It weighs only 350 pounds
(159 kg), can travel up to 120 kilometres per hour and can maintain a cruising
speed of 80 kilometres per hour on a sunny day.

SLP Canada is a Montreal company that modified more than 50,000 Camaro
and Firehawk for GM. SLP is now developing a new breed of popular vehicles –
electric cars that are high on performance and low on gas emissions and
pollutants. Visitors to the Auto Show will get the opportunity to see five
vehicles assembled by SLP.

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