June 13, 2003

Models in Jaguars parade through streets of Montreal

Montreal, Quebec – The Sensation design launch of Montreal’s Fashion and Design Festival on Thursday was accompanied by a parade of gleaming Jaguars transporting models wearing local designer’s signature collections. A procession of 12 Jaguars overflowing with models took over Ste-Catherine Street, from Crescent Street to the Complexe Les Ailes (corner of University).

After a fashion show in the Complexe Les Ailes, the parade continued through the streets to Saint Laurent Boulevard at the gates of the Sensation Design Event, which is being held June 12-14.

The event showcases the work of many of the country’s top fashion, accessory and cosmetic designers, in the context of the world’s most beautiful cars, while capitalizing on the worldwide coverage a Formula One event naturally draws.

“Jaguar cars exude style,” said Jacques Parent, vice president of marketing for Jaguar Canada. “The Sensation Design Event allows us to showcase our stylish cars among some of the greatest in fashion design. And because of Formula One’s style, substance and world stage, this event is a natural fit for us.”

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