Edmonton-based Hughes Petroleum rolls out fuel, car wash payment via mobile apps.

It was inevitable we would get to a point where our cell phones double as our wallets. Hughes Fuels in Edmonton is hedging on mobile to be a preferred method of payment for fuel and car washes for city residents.

The gasoline retailer has rolled out apps on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store to do just that – allow customers to input their credit card information and purchase fuel and car washes directly from their smartphone screens.

The apps can be downloaded for free from the above mentioned app download stores. Once installed and setup, you can use it to make purchases at any of Hughes 22 locations. Receipts are sent directly to your phone as well, so no need to fumble through your income tax shoebox during return season to add up all your tax deductible gas purchases.

As someone who is constantly attached to a smartphone, this is definitely welcomed news.

[Source: Mobilesyrup via Autoguide]

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