Tokyo, Japan – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation,  in cooperation with its New Zealand subsidiary, will show its zero-emissions i MiEV electric vehicle in that country, as a preparatory step toward a possible future introduction into the local market.

The event will be carried out in cooperation with state-owned Meridian Energy, New Zealand’s largest energy provider, which generates 100 per cent of its electric power through renewable resources such as hydroelectric and wind generation.

Mitsubishi and Meridian will launch a promotional tour of the country sometime after February 2009, giving representatives from national and local government a chance to drive the car, in order to spur discussions about possibile subsidiaries, and developments in infrastructure and marketing considerations.

Mitsubishi is currently working to bring the i MiEV electric vehicle to market in Japan in 2009. The company considers New Zealand a likely candidate for early introductions of the vehicle, if market conditions prove favourable, as New Zealand drivers have their steering wheels on the right side of the car, the same as in Japan, and will not require a major change.

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