Aug 8, 2007

Mitsubishi of Canada introduces Lancer-specific Web site

Mississauga, Ontario – Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada has announced that it will expand its marketing for the all-new 2008 Lancer sports sedan, including a Lancer-specific Web site that will take consumers across five different countries and fifteen different topics. The site is at

“Everyone talks about the Web being global, but rarely can you click on one site to experience a truly global sensory occurrence,” says Larry Futers, Director of National Marketing. “Through recent advances in technology, we’ve been able to go beyond developing a reality-based test-drive experience to producing the thrill and excitement of the actual Lancer as it travels across the globe.”

Mitsubishi believes the approach is the “right way to go”, given that its customers are the youngest in the industry and spend more time online than the average car buyer. Canadians will now be exposed to the nature of the brand in other countries, including Japan, Germany, Senegal and the U.S., and will have access to a variety of interactive tools. The site includes custom Lancer models within 3-D environments with real-time user interactivity. The company will also redesign its consumer site,, over the next few months to include some of the technologies and approaches developed in the Lancer site.

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