Winnipeg, Manitoba – Mitsubishi and Manitoba are partnering on a project to study electric vehicles (EVs) under a full range of weather conditions. The automaker signed a memorandum of understanding with the province last Friday, Earth Day, when Manitoba launched its Electric Vehicle Road Map to help it adopt electric and hybrid vehicles.

Under the memorandum, Mitsubishi will use Manitoba as a “proving ground” for its i-MiEV electric vehicles as it tests, demonstrates and publicizes its EVs.

“Manitoba is ideally positioned to take the first steps toward a fossil-free future,” said David Chomiak, Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister. “The road map outlines the opportunity to reduce Manitoba’s dependency on imported fossil fuel and helps showcase the significant economic opportunities available to the province as it pioneers the development, testing and use of all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.”

Much of the necessary infrastructure is already in place, Chomiak said. Manitoba has more than 500,000 existing recharging outlets and clean, low-cost electricity. The province is also committed to establishing an advisory committee on electric transportation that will identify roadblocks to the accelerated introduction of EVs in Manitoba, such as insurance considerations, electric grid impact, electricity consumption, cold-weather performance, business opportunities and regulatory changes.

“Manitobans will gain much as early champions of adopting electrically-powered transportation,” said Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie. “It will not only put gas savings in our pockets and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but will also give us a head start in developing innovative, ‘green,’ high-tech industries that produce everything from electric buses to batteries and the products that support them.”

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