Cypress, California – Mitsubishi has debuted a solar-powered charging station for electric vehicles at its headquarters in California. The facility is intended to help kick off preparations for the introduction of the company’s electric vehicles to consumers in November.

The station is a joint venture of Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) and Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA. It is powered by 96 modules, each 175W photovoltaic, from Mitsubishi Electric.

The station is able to charge up to four vehicles at once. It features three types of chargers with different voltages, able to charge the Mitsubishi i in 22 hours, six hours, or a quick charger that can charge to 80 per cent battery capacity in 25 minutes.

“This project will build awareness of solar power’s versatility and efficiency,” said Katsuya Takamiya, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics. “As electric vehicles’ popularity grows, we expect to see more charging stations at large employers, automobile dealerships, shopping centres and schools, where cars can charge while people work, shop or study.”

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