A new portable navigation system and 25-watt xenon headlight retrofit will be included in MINI accessory catalogue while new child seats allow you to transport mini-you in style.

MINI will arrive in Frankfurt with their full lineup of cars as they stand today. But, to make sure they don’t leave us looking at an over-glorified dealership display, new accessories will be introduced.

For those looking to see a little better at night and also annoy those driving in the opposite direction, MINI will soon have a 25-watt xenon headlight retrofit which can be installed on any current Cooper, Clubman, Convertible, Coupe, or Roadster. Also available for retrofit are new LED daytime running lights.

The inside of your MINI is also getting new kit. A new navigation system, which mounts using a special kit to the steering column, will be available soon for all current MINI models. The system features a 4.3-inch display and TMC Premium traffic jam warning.

And, for those of you who cart around your genetic miniature in the second row, MINI now has a range of car seats to accommodate children up to 12 years of age. They are only available in Vivid Green or with the stereotypical Union Jack, but they do provide additional safety with the use of integrated airpads around the child’s head.

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