February 2, 2007

Mini launches interactive billboards to communicate directly with drivers

New York, New York – Mini USA has announced that it now uses advanced technology to communicate directly with customers via personalized, interactive billboards in four U.S. cities. The company calls the system “Mini Motorby”; currently in use, it spells out messages in lights on billboards in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami.

The system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, already in use for passports, credit cards, tollbooths and other items. Interested customers who want to be part of the program answer questions about themselves on Mini’s Web site; they receive an electronic key fob, which electronically communicates with the billboard and triggers a personalized message. The billboards show customized, personalized messages based on the customer’s answers. When not displaying custom messages, the billboards show content relevant to Mini.

The company says the RFID tags do not contain any user data, and use cryptographic protocols to maximize customer privacy. The fob can only be used near one of the four Mini billboards.

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