October 1, 2003

Mini introduces clothing line

Mini Motion Limited Edition
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New York, New York – Mini, the car brand, has announced a collection of apparel and accessories designed by industrial designer Yves Behar, called Mini_Motion.

The collection aids today’s ‘urban nomads’ as they shift from street to car or any form of transport.

Highlights of the collection include:

  • A 2 part driving shoe, manufactured by Puma. Based on the technology
    used in motorsport driving shoes, the shoe also features an
    inner ‘bootie’ for longer trips.
  • A unique car pack, engineered by Samsonite, which attaches to the
    passenger seat belt to secure the bag and its contents when driving.
  • The Mini_motion watch, with a digital display that changes from
    horizontal to vertical depending on your traveling needs.
  • A travelling jacket with integrated pockets to hold Mini city maps or
    even an MP3 player. The jacket also features a fold-down flap that acts
    as a seat extension or transforms into a bag when removed.

In support of the Mini_motion shoe, Puma has modified a concept car to bring its footwear technology to the automotive arena. With striking exterior graphics, the car also has an interior designed with airmesh, a footwear material that gives it a distinctive look.

For more information see www.minimotionusa.com and mini.puma.com.

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