January 3, 2005

Mini Cooper adventurers planning mid-winter trip to Hudson’s Bay

New England, U.S.A. – A group of intrepid U.S. and Canadian Mini Cooper drivers are planning a mid-winter drive to Chisasibi, Quebec at the end of the northern-most paved road that is still attached to the lower mainland in the eastern North American continent.

The event will happen on the long U.S. President’s weekend, February 18 to 22, 2005. All Mini owners are invited to attend.

The American group will meet near the US-Canadian border, and from there, they’ll drive north to the Val d’ Or region for a first night’s sleep at local motels.

The second day will feature a drive along the scenic James Bay Road. Built to service the hydro-plants in the 1970s, it’s a 690 km drive with one rest area, but plenty of views, adventure and open road. At the end, a block of rooms have been set aside at the Aubison Radisson, in Radisson, Quebec.

Sunday will feature the group’s activity day. Choices will include an exclusive guided tour of La Grande 1, the world’s largest underground hydroelectric facility; ski-doo and snowmobile rides; snowshoeing and hiking, and flights in private aircraft out over the James Bay and in search of the world’s largest caribou herd migration. There will be posing for group pictures with the MINIs, and the local radio station even wants to get in an interview.

Monday is the drive to points south, and Tuesday home.

For further information, visit www.davidrose.us/HudsonBayII.html

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