BMW has made the decision to stop sales of the Clubvan in the US after only 50 sales, which has forced BMW Group Canada’s hand.

Due to lackluster sales of the MINI Clubvan, a panelized version of the MINI Clubman for commercial use, BMW has decided to stop sales of the model in the United States after only 50 sales. A combination of limited cargo capacity versus competitors and the dreaded ‘chicken tax’ causing a high cost of entry signed the Clubvan’s death certificate.

In Canada, BMW sells the Clubvan, but not for much longer. After the article from Green Car Reports, we posed the question to Robert Dexter, Corporate Communications, BMW Group Canada, of whether the Clubvan would be cancelled here as well.

“Sadly, yes,” was the reply.

The Clubvan was initially shown as a concept at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show in April and only saw a single year of sales.

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