June 28, 2004

Mini Canada announces pricing for 2005 Cooper convertible

2005 Mini Cooper Convertible
Photo: Paul Williams. Click image to enlarge

Whitby, Ontario – The new Mini Cooper Convertible will be priced at $31,500 for the base Cooper and $36,500 for the supercharged Cooper S, announced BMW Canada. Production is scheduled to begin in August.

The Mini’s new soft top features a function that allows the roof to also open as a sunroof. A press of a button will deliver a fully retracted roof in 15 seconds. The integrated sunroof can be opened up to 40 centimetres and operated at speeds up to 120 km/h.

Due to the removal of the solid roof, major reinforcements have been made to the body to ensure extremely high levels of torsional rigidity. Key points of note are the strengthening of the side sills, stiffened plates in the door sills near the A- and B-pillar joints and struts between the engine mount and strut towers. The standard roll-over bars are integrated into the rear of the body without compromising the pass through area for luggage.

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