Toronto, Ontario – MIKEY, a portable defibrillator, is now riding with the 63 Two Men and a Truck-Canada moving trucks. The trucks can be identified by a “MIKEY-on-Board” sign.

Two Men and a Truck-Canada’s franchisees, their drivers and staff have been trained to use MIKEY through the Emergency Medical Services to help people who experience sudden cardiac arrest.

The Mikey Network, a registered Canadian charity, has placed over 1,200 MIKEYs in high-risk locations across the country. The company said that 12 lives have been saved by the machines.

“We hope we never have to use these MIKEYs, but when you consider the physical nature of moving, it makes sense to have defibrillators on our trucks, in case our movers or families involved in a move have a problem,” said Dan Hopkins, COO of Two Men and a Truck-Canada. “And there is always the possibility of someone going into sudden cardiac arrest walking down the street, or perhaps being in a car accident. So with our trucks on the road, we are now in a position to be able to respond should someone need help.”

The company said that having the units in the trucks is an industry first.

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