April 23, 2002

Microsoft develops better in-car speech system

Redmond, Washington – Microsoft Corporation has released a newly re-engineered speech system in Windows CE for Automotive 3.5, its in-vehicle telematics software platform.

Microsoft Windows CE for Automotive 3.5 contains two unique speech components that make it easier for drivers to interact in a natural voice with their in-car communication device: the Speech User Interface (SUI) and Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI) 5.0. Microsoft’s SUI system enables easy implementation of voice recognition and human-like text-to-speech technologies.

“We are thrilled to offer this new and innovative speech technology to the telematics industry and pleased at the widespread industry support,” said Gonzalo Bustillos, director of business development and marketing for the Automotive Business Unit at Microsoft. “Our goal is to consistently make our products easy to use, and the speech system in Windows CE for Automotive 3.5 delivers on this vision. Suppliers and automotive manufacturers can now make use of our advanced Speech User Interface to implement compelling telematics solutions and at the same time provide a safe and seamless experience for motorists.”

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