June 24, 2002

Michelin’s 4th annual eco-friendly auto competition to be held in Europe

Paris, France – The 4th edition of the Challenge Bibendum 2002 will take place this year from September 22 to 25 in Europe from Heidelberg (Germany) to Paris (France), via the Hockenheim circuit and the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Every year, at the initiative of Michelin, the Challenge Bibendum presents the most environmentally-friendly innovations from the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and energy suppliers through a series of tests: pollution analysis, noise, performance, safety and design.

The Challenge Bibendum 2002, for which the main theme will be Europe, will emphasize the importance of reflection and dialog about the future of mobility, both with public authorities and consumers.

This year, the ADAC (Automobile Club of Germany), which is one of the most important consumers’ associations in the world, will be Michelin’s main partner.

Michelin now offers all those involved in the automotive and transportation sectors an opportunity to develop and evaluate the performance of their safest and cleanest technologies to meet the challenge of sustainable mobility.

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