Montreal, Quebec – Michelin Canada has partnered with the TRIOOMPH Foundation to help students who are having difficulty at school. The “Driving Your Success” program, which encourages students to succeed by reinforcing perseverance and efforts, has been successfully implemented in 33 schools in Quebec.

Michelin will become directly involved in the foundation’s activities, including 33 driver-mentors for PRIX TRIOOMPH events designed to reward deserving young program participants.

Launched in October 2011, the “Driving Your Success” program is aimed at youths aged 13 to 20 who are having a difficult time on the road to academic success. The program helps motivate them to earn a high school or vocational diploma by capitalizing on the passion many of them have for high-performance cars and auto racing by pairing up driver-mentors with participating public high schools. The mentors, some of whom are regulars on the semi-pro racing circuit, play a hands-on role in four activities that allow them to directly interact with students, letting them in on their secrets to success.

All students who take part in the program receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the experience, while those who show an exceptional sense of determination, positive attitude and team mindset further receive a day at the ICAR motorsport complex in Mirabel, where a group of driver-mentors take them around the track in race cars and then engage in friendly competition in a simulation race.

Some 3,330 students are signed up for the program and it is estimated that close to 10 per cent will make it all the way through to the PRIX TRIOOMPH.

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