Laval, Quebec – Canadian winters are full of surprises for unwary drivers, and to help consumers tackle black ice, bad weather and loss of control, Michelin has developed a new online version of its Winter Driving Academy.

The site, at Michelin Winter Center, gives drivers access to videos and animated demonstrations that show how to react when faced with difficult winter conditions. The site also allows visitors to test their theoretical knowledge using questionnaires that summarize the techniques presented.

In a survey, Michelin found that many drivers find black ice to be the source of many headaches. The company advices that drivers never slam on the brakes or turn the wheel sharply, and to anticipate and plan for changing conditions that may cause you to lose control. If the vehicle is pulling at an angle on very slippery roads, shift into neutral gear to help keep the car heading in the right direction.

The site also covers keeping your distance, dealing with other drivers, and handling blizzards and snow storms.

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