September 13, 2007

Michelin issues consumer fraud alert for Canada and U.S.

Greenville, South Carolina – Michelin North America has issued a warning to consumers in Canada and the U.S. to be careful of fraudulent Michelin cheques, which are apparently being mailed as part of a scheme to defraud the public.

Letters claiming to be “Consumer Prize Award Notifications” have been received by consumers in at least nine states. The letters instruct consumers to deposit the enclosed Michelin cheque, and then issue a new cheque in the same amount to cover taxes and administrative fees associated with the prize. Consumers are told they will then receive another cheque and details on the prize winnings. The contact information gives a Canadian address.

Michelin states that the cheques are completely fraudulent and is working with law enforcement officials in Canada and the U.S. Anyone receiving such a letter should contact local law enforcement immediately, and call Michelin at 1-800-MICHELIN.

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