October 11, 2002

Michelin introduces remote tire pressure monitoring system for big truck tires

Orlando, Florida – Michelin Americas Truck Tires introduced a new remote tire monitoring system yesterday. The eTire System provides real-time information about tire pressure, wheel position and maintenance information. The eTire System in incorporates an InTire Sensor, sidewall-mounted SensorDock, Hand-Held or Drive-By Reader and BIB TRACK software to accurately capture information.

The InTire Sensor can be attached to any brand of truck tire, allowing a fleet to monitor and track all of their tires.

The information gathered is reported via an Internet server to enable maintenance managers to track tire costs accurately and to monitor inventories as well. The BIB TRACK software can even account for retread costs by exchanging information with BIB TREAD, Michelin’s retread management software.

The Drive-By Readers in the eTire System can immediately differentiate
between inner and outer dual tires, relaying accurate information in real time
to the fleet manager. Hand-Held Readers can easily read both inner and outer
duals, as well.

eTire can read the operating temperature inside a tire and correct the
pressure reading for “cold equivalent pressure” instead of the expanded
pressure occurring after a tire has travelled for a distance and heated up.
This allows precise readings and accurate pressure adjustments, as if the tire
were cold.

All data is in a secure server in the BIB TRACK software, not in the
InTire Sensor itself. This assures that if a tire is lost, stolen or somehow
damaged, the information on the tire up to that point is maintained in the
database. The system also allows immediate access and tracking of the
information via the Internet, with instant updates as the sensor in each tire
is read.

“Although the technology is impressive, the most important aspect of the
Michelin eTire System is the benefit it delivers to the fleet,” said Randy Clark, vice president of marketing, Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “Crucial information, with real-time updates, allows fleet managers to spot problems early, reducing downtime and minimizing costs.”

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