Michelin antisplash truck tire
Michelin antisplash truck tire. Click image to enlarge
Greenville, South Carolina – Michelin has announced that its patented Antisplash technology is now available on a popular size of heavy-duty truck tire. The system lowers the trajectory of water spraying from the tires, significantly improving overall visibility for all road users.

The Michelin XZA3 Antisplash tire uses the patented deflector on both of the tire’s sidewalls, which sprays less water on the windshields of oncoming or passing motorists.

“Customers have come to love the XZA3 tire for its performance on the highway,” said Marc Laferriere, vice-president of marketing, Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “Now, with Antisplash technology, we have significantly increased visibility for both truckers and those motorists driving by trucks in wet conditions, especially during a rainstorm.”

The company said that the technology, first introduced in November 2006, reduces splash trajectory height by more than 50 per cent when compared to standard truck tires.

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