Greenville, South Carolina – Michelin estimates that its “green” tires have saved a cumulative 10 billion litres of fuel and avoided more than 27 million tons of CO2 emissions since they were introduced to the market in 1992. The company has sold 600 million of its green tires worldwide over the past 16 years, which it said represents a savings of about 45 litres of fuel and 240 pounds of CO2 each second.

The tires, which are produced for passenger car, light truck and commercial truck applications, are optimized for fuel economy through reduced rolling resistance and weight. Over 16 years, Michelin has developed four generations of green tires, including the Michelin Latitude Tour Tire, the latest addition for North America.

The company said that the effects of tires can use up to one tank of fuel out of every five for automobiles, and up to one out of every three in commercial trucks.


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