Greenville, South Carolina – Michelin North America has celebrated the 20th anniversary of its North American headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina with a ceremony and reception for its employees.

“Michelin is proud to celebrate two successful decades of our North American headquarters in Greenville,” said Dick Wilkerson, chairman and president of Michelin North America. “Many of the employees who moved into this building twenty years ago are here today to celebrate this significant event.”

Michelin first relocated its North American operations in 1985 from Lake Success, New York to Greenville, where it already had two major manufacturing plants, and a research and development facility. Construction of the headquarters facility began in Feburary 1987; more than 750 employees moved into the five-story building on November 18, 1988. In 1995, Michelin built an additional building adjacent to its headquarters to house employees added during the acquisition of Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company in 1990.

The company today employs 1,750 people at the complex in Greenville; it employs 7,720 people overall in the state and has nearly 3,000 retirees.

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