August 29, 2005

Michelin announces new sizes for X-Ice winter tire line

Laval, Quebec – Michelin has announced two new dimensions to its X-Ice tire line, and ten new dimensions to the SUV version, Latitude X-Ice tire. With the new sizes, the Michelin X-Ice tire will now reach 93 per cent of the passenger car market, and 67 per cent of the SUV market in Canada.

The X-Ice offers the latest in tire technology, including Adaptive Progressive Stiffness (APS) which provides the required flexibility at the tread surface contact. The rubber compound progressively softens at the road’s surface, while remaining rigid near the tire belt for intense grip and handling. The tread remains soft as the tire continues to wear, allowing for optimal ice and snow traction.

The X-Ice is now available in 41 sizes, ranging from 13- to 17-inch rim diameters, while the Latitude X-Ice is now available in 20 sizes, from 15- to 17-inch rim diameters.

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