March 7, 2005

Mercury ends 20 years of Sable

Detroit, Michigan – Ford Motor Company’s Mercury division will end production of its slow-selling Sable next month and add other sedans to its lineup. Built at the company’s Atlanta assembly plant, the last Sable will roll off the assembly line at the end of April.

The Ford Taurus-based Sable, which was discontinued from the company’s Canadian lineup in 1999, will be replaced by Mercury’s new mid-size, Mexican-built Milan.

U.S. sales of the Sable, which debuted in 1985, fell 38 per cent in 2003, an additional 30.3 per cent in 2004, and are down 20 per cent so far this year. The factory will continue to build Taurus cars but Ford spokesperson Francine Romaine said no new products have been announced at the plant where Sable is built.

Mercury sales in the U.S. were down 4.3 per cent to 193,534 vehicles in 2004. However, U.S. sales are up 12 per cent so far this year, boosted by the Montego and the new Mariner, a twin of the Ford Escape compact SUV.

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