Stuttgart, Germany – The automatic transmission production line in Mercedes-Benz’s Hedelfingen plant in Untertürkheim, Germany has been given the Lean Production Award by Agamus Consult and the trade magazine Automobil Produktion for its productivity and efficiency. The award went to the same plant last year for its engine production line.

“The outstanding performance of our colleagues in engine production is being recognized through awards like these,” said Volker Stauch, head of powertrain production and director of the plant. “I’m happy for our team. Not only does this award honour their work, it also gives them additional motivation.”

The plant increased its efficiency by 30 per cent over three years, while improving quality. More than 2,500 people work on transmission production at the plant, which built its two millionth seven-speed automatic transmission in August 2008. The transmission, called the 7G-TRONIC, was launched in 2004.

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