February 13, 2004

Mercedes develops a better wiper

Stuttgart, Germany – The latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which is due to make its market debut in Spring 2004, has a newly developed aero windscreen wiper.

Unlike the system used for conventional wiper blades, where the wiper rubber is hooked into a jointed holder, the aero wiper is made from a single-section rubber strip with an integral spoiler and sprung rails positioned on the outside, allowing precision adjustment to the curvature of the windscreen. The sprung rails ensure that the contact pressure is distributed evenly over the full length of the wiper blade, thereby maximising the contact force at all times. The result is a superior wipe quality, even when snow is falling heavily. By dispensing with the conventional holder system, which often ices up in winter, it has been possible to almost halve the overall height of the wiper blade, leading to a significant reduction in wiper noise.

The C-Class is fitted with an efficient twin-arm wiper system featuring a special lift mechanism: whereas the windscreen wiper on the left moves in a smooth arc, its counterpart on the right is extended outwards at the same time in order to further increase the swept area of the windscreen. This optimises visibility for the driver.

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