March 11, 2005

Mercedes-Benz unveils new two-wheeler

Mercedes-Benz automatic bike
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Stuttgart, Germany – Mercedes-Benz Accessories is the first automotive manufacturer to produce a comfortable and safe bicycle, called the Automatic Bike, equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearshift system and active spring suspension. A new Mountain Bike and Fitness Bike will also be available for the 2005 season.

The Automatic Bike features an electronically controlled air suspension and sensor-controlled lights, and adapts automatically to prevailing conditions. A central on-board computer collects data, such as the speed of travel, the gear currently selected and the damper setting. The computer combines and processes the parameters of pedal downstroke frequency and speed to select the optimum setting for suspension and ratio. The rider scarcely notices gear changes or adjustments to the damper setting. The program can be set to “light”, “normal” or “sporty”.

Mercedes-Benz also offers a range of accessories such as carriers, water bottles and side stands, and carrier systems for roof- and rear-mounted transportation on a vehicle.

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