January 14, 2003

Mercedes-Benz to offer ‘4Matic’ on all sedans and wagons

Toronto, Ontario – With the introduction of Mercedes-Benz’ 4Matic all-wheel-drive system in its 2003 C-Class and S-Class models and the return of 4Matic to the mid-sized 2004 E-Class Wagon later this year, Mercedes-Benz will offer all-wheel-drive versions of all its sedans and wagons for the first time ever.

As all-wheel-drive systems become more refined, Mercedes-Benz anticipates that they will increasingly become part of the admission price to the luxury car market. The full-time four-wheel-drive system used in all Mercedes-Benz cars and sport utilities has a mechanical centre differential that can vary front-to-rear torque distribution. A planetary gear set within the centre differential begins with a 35/65 percent front-to-rear torque distribution providing a rear-bias that feels much like rear-wheel-drive in which subtle throttle steering effects can enhance handling, especially in spirited driving. Mercedes’ system eliminates the need for locks or limited-slip devices. The G-Class is the only Mercedes-Benz that is also fitted with three differential locks for an extra measure of heavy-duty off-road performance.

As well, Mercedes’ 4Matic system includes four-wheel electronic traction control that keeps the vehicle going even if only one wheel has traction.

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