December 17, 2004

Mercedes-Benz reveals new V6 diesel engine

Stuttgart, Germany – Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new V6 diesel engine which will replace the previous in-line five and six-cylinder engines in the Spring of 2005. With an output of 224 hp, the Mercedes six-cylinder is one of the most powerful units in its class offering an increase in output and torque of up to 38 percent.

Despite a higher output, the fuel consumption remains at the level of the previous five and six-cylinder diesel engines.

Mercedes-Benz developed an aluminium crankcase with cast-in grey iron cylinder liners for this unit which makes a major contribution to weight reduction. As a result, the new V6 weighs a total of only approximately 208 kilograms and is therefore only very slightly heavier than the previous five-cylinder engine. The power-to-weight ratio has increased by more than 20 percent.

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