October 25, 2007

Mercedes-Benz reveals BlueTec hybrid models

Tokyo, Japan – Mercedes-Benz is showcasing its BlueTec hybrid versions of the C-Class and S-Class at the Tokyo Auto Show. The unique modular drive concept, due to be launched in various models and versions, will be premiered in the new E-Class in 2010.

Mercedes-Benz is also presenting its F700 research vehicle with Diesotto gasoline engine; the B-Class F-Cell, the first series-production Mercedes-Benz car fitted with a fuel cell and expected in 2010; and the new C-Class Estate, which is celebrating its Asian premiere in Tokyo and is due for launch in the Japanese market at the start of 2008.

Currently known as DaimlerChrysler Japan, the company will be renamed Mercedes-Benz Japan on November 1, 2008.

The company says that the E320 CDI is the first and, to date, the only diesel passenger car which undercuts the tighter long-term emissions limits in Japan. “Our Japanese customers appreciate that,” says Hans Tempel, President and CEO of DaimlerChrysler Japan. “In a passenger car market where diesels currently account for less than 0.1 per cent of new registrations, the E320 CDI has secured a remarkably high figure of around 20 per cent of E-Class orders.” It is expected that diesel market share in Japan will increase sharply to around 15 per cent by 2015.

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