September 13, 2004

Mercedes-Benz releases photos of two new Sports Tourers

Stuttgart, Germany – Mercedes-Benz released photos of two new versions of their
Sports Tourer concept which will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show: the European
version of the “Vision R” Grand Sports Tourer and a new “Vision B” compact Sports

The Grand Sports Tourer “Vision R”, a European version of the American concept car
with a wheelbase of 2980 millimetres, is designed as a 4+2-seater. It features
four-wheel drive, air suspension, a new 218 horsepower V6 diesel engine, and

Mercedes-Benz Sports Tourers
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seven-speed automatic transmission. Exhaust emissions meet the EU-4 standards, and
the additive-free particulate filter system developed by Mercedes-Benz also reduces
soot emissions.

The Compact Sports Tourer “Vision B” has the engine and transmission arranged partly
in front of and partly beneath the passenger cell – according to the sandwich
principle – giving the car the interior spaciousness of larger cars despite its
compact external dimensions.

The compact Sports Tourer is powered by a new four-cylinder diesel engine with an
output of 140 horsepower and fuel consumption of less than six litres per 100
kilometres, exhaust emissions at EU-4 levels, and a diesel particulate filter.

Mercedes-Benz is using a new type of exterior paint with an extremely shiny,
high-luminance finish.

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