May 12, 2004

Mercedes-Benz recalls 680,000 E-Class and SL-Class cars

Stuttgart, Germany – Mercedes-Benz has asked owners of approximately 680,000 E-Class and SL-Class cars worldwide to bring in their cars to check the Sensotronic Brake Control for possible problems.

Company analysis showed that it was primarily vehicles with a high mileage in conjunction with very frequent braking (e.g. taxis in inner-city operation) which were affected. All owners of taxis in Europe have already been offered a free check of the SBC system, at which any faults are then rectified. As a further measure, a check has been included in the regular scope of maintenance servicing for all vehicles fitted with SBC.

The company is asking all owners with E-Class sedans (built as of March 2002), E-Class Wagons (built as of March 2003) and SL-Class Roadsters (built as of October 2001) to visit an authorised Mercedes-Benz workshop for a free check.

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