Stuttgart, Germany – Mercedes-Benz has formally opened its new manufacturing plant in Chakan, Pune in India. The facility was completed within 13 months from the start of construction, among the fastest greenfield projects to be created.

The facility was built to address future expansion needs, underscoring the long-term growth plans of the company in India.

While the plant was designed to manufacture the current local-production Mercedes-Benz C-, E- and S-Class, it is flexible enough to accommodate additional models on the same assembly line if required by future market demand.

“As the plant manager of the largest Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen, Germany, I am impressed by the flexibility and the potential for expansion of this facility,” said Dr. Eberhard Haller, director of the board of Mercedes-Benz India. “It was created with a long-term perspective in mind, and I am sure that we will see many new products roll off the assembly line, both from the passenger car and the commercial vehicle segments.”

Mercedes-Benz India has grown from 600 units in 1999 to 3,600 units in 2008. The company first entered in the country in 1954 in collaboration with Tata Motors for truck production, and in 1995 became the first luxury carmaker to set up local production in India.

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