July 25, 2006

Mercedes-Benz invites participants to drive from Paris to Beijing

Stuttgart, Germany – Ninety-nine years after the first transcontinental automobile marathon, Mercedes-Benz is inviting international participants to apply to join the “E-Class Experience”, driving from Paris to Beijing.

The event begins in Paris on October 21, 2006 and contains five stages. The event commemorates a 1907 marathon, promoted by French newspaper Le Matin, which sought to prove the technical superiority of the car over the horse. The modern event will demonstrate the new E-Class with diesel technology; teams will drive 33 vehicles a total distance of approximately 13,600 km, split into five stages of between 1,900 and 3,400 km and crossing the borders of eight countries. The tour will finish in Beijing on November 17th, in time for the opening of the international automotive fair being held there. The goal is not speed, but achieving the lowest possible fuel consumption while keeping to the time schedule.

Candidates may apply up to August 20th; for each stage, two participants will form a team, taking turns in driving the E320 CDI. Applicants must be physically fit, have a good command of English and hold a valid driver’s license and passport; they must also explain their personal motivation for their application. For more information, visit www.e-class-experience.com.

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