February 26, 2002

Mercedes-Benz has head start on harmonizing prices in Europe

Stuttgart, Germany – The European Union Commission’s semi-annual “Car Price Report” study confirms that Mercedes-Benz once again has significantly smaller price differences than its competitors across the whole range of its models. In eurozone countries, Mercedes-Benz prices differ by 3.6 percent for upper-range vehicles and by 5.8 percent in the lower mid-range segment. For the main competitors, price differences range between 9 and 27 percent.

The price comparisons of the vehicles in eurozone countries are based on pre-tax prices, adjusted for individualized equipment. For several years now, Mercedes-Benz has had smaller price differences than its competitors in its range of passenger car models throughout Europe.

“Our pioneering role is a logical consequence of the long-term Mercedes-Benz strategy of harmonizing prices in Europe,” says Dr. Joachim Schmidt, divisional Board of Management member responsible for Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. “We’ve pursued this policy in spite of differences in the tax laws of the various countries. Price harmonization will mean that our customers from Finland to Sicily will be able to understand how car prices have been arrived at,” says Schmidt. “We will therefore continue to harmonize the prices of our models in the future.”

The latest issue of “Car Price Report” can be found at www.europa.eu.int

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