June 28, 2005

Mercedes-Benz fuel cell passes one-year test

Stuttgart, Germany – Mercedes-Benz reports that six A-Class cars equipped with “F-Cell” hydrogen fuel cells have been on the road in Singapore for a year and have coped well with daily use in extreme heat and humidity.

The test project in Singapore is focused on long-term reliability in extreme climatic conditions. Tropical temperatures and high humidity place high demands on the fuel cells’ production of steam emissions and on their cooling systems, which must be more effective than those of combustion engines.

DaimlerChrysler started the world’s largest trial of fuel cell vehicles in cars, vans and buses in 2003, with more than 100 in use around the world. Since the end of 2004, 60 Mercedes-Benz A-Class F-Cell cars have been used in the United States, Japan and Singapore, covering some 370,000 km.

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