May 5, 2005

Mercedes-Benz celebrates 50 years in Canada

Toronto, Ontario – In his first visit to Canada in his new role as head of the Mercedes Car Group, Dr. Eckhard Cordes participated in a celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary at the newest Mercedes-Benz retail sales location in Toronto.

Mercedes-Benz Canada was founded in April 1955 and was one of the first overseas Mercedes operations. Initially, the company only had a retail operation in Toronto. Later that year, a second location opened in Montreal. In 1956, distributors were appointed for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon, and a third retail branch opened in Vancouver.

The ensuing years saw Mercedes-Benz Canada’s steady expansion thrive in this market. A total of 184,000 Mercedes-Benz cars and light trucks have been sold in Canada since 1955.

President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada, Marcus Breitschwerdt said, “It all started 50 years ago in a small corner service station on Davenport Road in Toronto where we sold mostly diesel-powered cars. Since then, Mercedes-Benz Canada has been the instrumental force leading the luxury car market in Canada thanks to a strong network of very dedicated privately-owned and company-managed dealerships across the country. Our dealers’ loyalty and devotion persisted through the decades and have made us today this country’s foremost high-end luxury car seller.”

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