November 6, 2003

Mercedes-Benz Canada moves to new office building

Toronto, Ontario – Mercedes-Benz’ Canadian headquarters has moved to a new 3-story facility located on the same lot as the original building but at the southern end of the 4 acre property between Eglinton Avenue and Vanderhoof Avenue in Toronto. More than 140 employees have been relocated.

The main entrance to the new premises will be located at 98 Vanderhoof Avenue in Toronto, one block south of Eglinton accessible via Brentcliffe or Laird Drive.

The well-known building at 849 Eglinton Avenue which was the home of Mercedes-Benz Canada headquarters for more than four decades will be demolished in a few weeks to make way for a mid-town dealership that will open in the spring of 2004. The former Head Office building which was originally conceived as a mattress factory was completely refurbished in 1976/77; at the time it was one of the first buildings in Toronto to make use of a trend-setting full length reflective glass for its fa

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