October 19, 2006

Mercedes-Benz announces Toronto expansion

Architect's illustration of Mercedes-Benz' downtown Toronto dealership, which is being expanded and renovated
Architect’s illustration of Mercedes-Benz’ downtown Toronto dealership, which is being expanded and renovated. Click image to enlarge

Toronto, Ontario – Mercedes-Benz held a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday and unveiled its plan for the expansion and renovation of its Toronto store on Dundas Street in the city’s downtown area.

Built in 1989, the retail location was an industry benchmark for many years, and was one of the first full-fledged sales, parts and service dealerships in Canada built on five floors. A system of ramps linked the floors; the main floor housed the showroom and sales and service receptions.

Mercedes-Benz acquired adjacent properties over the last ten years and now owns approximately 1.8 acres of land; it will build a showroom three times larger than the current one. Construction will begin on November first and will proceed in phases to minimize business disruption; it is expected to take 16 months.

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