July 25, 2007

Mercedes-Benz announces DiesOtto powertrain

Stuttgart, Germany – Mercedes-Benz has announced a new technology, the DiesOtto powertrain, which it says combines the performance of a gasoline engine, the high torque and fuel economy of a diesel, and extremely clean emissions. The new package includes such features as direct gasoline injection, turbocharging, variable compression and a controlled auto ignition similar to that of a diesel.

The company also says that, in contrast to comparable developments, the Mercedes system requires no synthetic fuels and can be operated with conventional gasoline.

“Our next goal will now be to make the gasoline engine as economical as a diesel,” says Prof. Dr. Herbert Kohler, Head of Group Research & Advanced Engineering Vehicle and Powertrain. “All the preconditions for this are provided by our DiesOtto concept, which incorporates the foremost strengths of both the gasoline engine and diesel engine. In line with the worldwide success of today’s diesel engine, vehicles equipped with gasoline engines will continue to have a long-term attraction for many customers and in many markets. Accordingly, we are giving our attention to both engine types, including a full hybrid option for diesel and gasoline vehicles.”

Based on the technology, the company has designed a 1.8-litre four-cylinder unit with an output of 238 hp and a maximum 400 NM of torque (295 lb-ft), with fuel consumption of less than 6.0 L/100 km. The company says that some of the technology’s solutions have already been incorporated into series production, including direct gasoline injection; others will be gradually integrated into series production engines until the overall solution has been realized.

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