GT to be revealed September 9, DRIVECLUB goes on sale October 7

Those who think Gran Turismo is the be all, end all game for virtual vehicle debuts, think again. There’s a new contender that’ll soon debut for PlayStation4 called DRIVECLUB, and it has a German trump card up its sleeve.

After the Mercedes-AMG GT makes its official debut September 9, those looking to get a taste of the car without shelling out massive amounts of cash will be able to drive the new model in DRIVECLUB, which goes on sale October 7.

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Shown in the teaser shots below, the GT looks to take some of the 911’s turf in the sportscar segment, and we expect it to look a bit like a miniaturized Mercedes-Benz SLS.

The car will only be available for free download in the first week of the game’s launch, so set your calendars. If you’re really looking for a free way into a Mercedes-AMG GT, the ‘Journey of Stars‘ online competition will launch on September 9, giving competitors a chance to win a PlayStation 4 and a fresh copy of DRIVECLUB.

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