January 21, 2003

Mercedes adds new Sport models to C-Class lineup

Toronto, Ontario – Mercedes-Benz is adding new sport model variations of its sedans and coupes. Arriving in dealerships within the next few weeks, the C230 Kompressor Sport sedan, C320 Sport sedans, and the C320 Sport coupe were developed with younger buyers in mind and are designed to pique the interest of car enthusiasts.

Modifications to the C-Class sedan include a sport-tuned suspension, sport body cladding, aluminium interior trim, seven-spoke 17″ wheels with high performance tires, a standard six-speed close-ratio manual transmission and thickly bolstered front sport seats, all standard equipment on both the C230 Kompressor and C320 Sport sedans.

Prices are $41,500 for the C230 Kompressor Sport sedan, $51,350 for the C320 Sport sedan, $55,800 for the C320 4MATIC Sport sedan and $39,500 for the C320 Sport coupe.

The new models will include some of the options that are not standard on other C-Class models. The new C-Class Sport models can also be fitted with Bi-Xenon and heated headlamp washer options and an optional CD changer. As well, a new colour has been added to the C-Class palette for these sport models: Pewter Silver replaces Tectite Grey.

The Sport sedans feature a redesigned front bumper, sculpted sidesills, stylish chrome accents and rear apron on the exterior and aluminium trim, front sport seats with leather seating inserts, and blue tinted glass on the interior. The Sport Coupe’s C-pillars flow down from the roof into the tail, and come together in a deck-mounted spoiler that generates downforce.

The C320 4MATIC Sport sedan is offered with the same all-wheel drive capability found in the 4MATIC C240 and C320 sedans and wagons, 4MATIC S-Class and M-Class vehicles. Mercedes’ 4MATIC is a full-time all-wheel-drive system that uses a 35/65 front/rear torque split and requires no driver intervention. Advanced four-wheel electronic traction control is used to vary torque distribution to individual wheels under slippery conditions. Even if three wheels lose traction, 4MATIC can direct power to just one wheel, front or back, left or right, to keep the car moving. The system is lightweight (under 90 kilograms) and compact, so passenger and cargo spaces are not affected.

The C-Class Sport line-up for Canada includes normally aspirated V6-powered models, the C320 Sport Coupe and C320 Sport sedans, as well as the C230 Kompressor Sport Sedan, powered by a supercharged 1.8-litre in-line 4-cylinder engine.

C-Class Sport models have a six-speed manual transmission. With an extra gear, Mercedes engineers narrowed the gaps between each gear and made a slightly shorter first gear (as compared to a five-speed manual) for quicker acceleration from rest, all while maintaining an overdrive sixth gear for quiet and economic highway cruising.

C230 Kompressor Sport sedan, C320 Sport sedans and C320 Sport Coupe models feature seven-spoke, 7.5 x 17-inch alloy wheels with 225/45ZR17 tires.

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