Berlin, Germany – Mercedes-Benz’s facility in Sindelfingen, Germany has been named the most reliable factory in the world, according to the U.S. Initial Quality Study published by J.D. Power and Associates. Second and third place also went to plants in Germany.

Vehicles from the Sindelfingen plant, near Stuttgart, recorded an average of only 33 problems per 100 vehicles (33 PP 100). The average among all factories studied was 118 PP 100. The plant manufactures the CL-, CLS-, E- and S-Class models.

Second place went to Porsche’s factory in Stuttgart, where the 911 is assembled, while third went to the BMW factory in Regensburg, northeast of Munich.

German cars also led when judged by brand name, with Porsche leading the total ranking for the third year in a row with 87 PP 100, and increasing its lead over its competition from 3 PP 100 in 2007 to 11 PP 100. The study’s authors also commended Mercedes for improvements in quality when compared with 2007, reducing its error rate by 7 PP 100.

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