July 4, 2002

“Men in Black II” opens today, starring Mercedes E-Class

Toronto – The Hollywood blockbuster “Men in Black” (MIB II) opens today, with an innovative E-Class agent vehicle helping Agent Kay and Agent Jay in their hunt for threatening aliens. A mere wink of an eye from one of the main characters gets the “hero’s car” (what Agent Jay calls “the new hotness”) ready to roll. After that, it just takes off. In particularly dicey situations, the E-Class can even transform itself into a space car that whisks the two agents up and away.

Behind the film role for the new 2003 E-Class is a jointinternational marketing campaign by Mercedes-Benz and Columbia TriStar. In addition to involving the E-Class in “MIB II”, this effort also involves globally coordinated marketing activities including a global advertising campaign as well as in print media in over 20 countries. This campaign links the Mercedes-Benz brand to the “MIB II” film as well as to “Become a ‘MIB’ agent!”, the online game developed by Mercedes-Benz.

“Men in Black II” is based on the gigantic success of the first episode released in 1997, which grossed more than $ 589 million. The new 2003 E-Class will be available in Canadian dealerships in late August 2002.

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