Acura has also released video of the new NSX cavorting around a racetrack.

Starting in 2015, Honda will yet again be powering McLaren Formula 1 cars, thanks in part to the split between the Woking, UK team and Mercedes-Benz.

This opens up many options for McLaren and Honda to collaborate on road cars.

“It’s a pure Formula 1 contract, but we’ve already been looking at automotive technology and we’re sharing that very openly,” stated Martin Whitmarsh, CEO of McLaren Racing, to Autocar.

“Our road car strategy at the moment has no other automotive partner and Honda would be a good place to collaborate.”

Both McLaren and Honda could see benefit in a deal on road cars. McLaren is an expert in light-weight materials as the company has been building carbon fibre composite structures for years. On the other side, Honda has a considerable about of expertise in advanced powertrains, a reason why McLaren will be using Honda engines for their F1 efforts.

This all comes after Acura just released new video of their unreleased NSX dancing around a wet race track via Instagram.

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