Lincoln brand sales up 49 percent in Canada, 25 percent in US versus October 2013

While we were all having a good chuckle at the latest Lincoln Motor Company ads featuring Matthew McConaughey of Lincoln Lawyer fame, it seems the buying public was voting with their wallets last month.

According to Car & Driver, Lincoln experienced a fairly healthy sales bump last month thanks to the new ad campaign that sees the True Detective star driving Lincoln’s newest model, the MKC. And it’s the Escape-based utility driving most of the sales growth to the tune of 25 percent.

In Canada, Lincoln also experienced a rather sharp increase in sales – up 49 percent versus October 2013 – with the MKC delivering 328 sales of the 768 total units sold in October of this year. That means the MKC makes up a whopping 43 percent of Lincoln total sales.

Had Lincoln been able to keep sales of all other models flat, the gains for the brand would have been even higher. Hopefully FoMoCo’s $5b USD investment in the luxury brand will help it claw back some market share on their way to their 300,000 global sales goal.

Canadian sales data provided by GoodCarBadCar.


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