Shinari_Exterior_3__jpg300[1]Leverkusen, Germany – Mazda has announced its new design theme, named “Kodo – Soul of Motion,” and the design concept Mazda Shinari that builds on the new theme.

The Kodo theme follows the motion-based design that Mazda introduced in its Nagare concept car series and the all-new Mazda5.

“In our work to further evolve the expression of motion, Mazda Design has focused on the strength, beauty and tension found in the instantaneous movement seen in animals,” said Ikuo Maeda, head of Mazda Design Division. “This motion that is so full of vitality that it stirs the emotions of those who see it. We have named it Kodo – Soul of Motion, and our aim is to express movement with forceful vitality and speed as the design theme for Mazda’s upcoming models.”

Maeda said that Mazda’s design studios in Japan, Germany and California are currently working to incorporate the new design into future products.

The Shinari is a four-door, four-seat sports coupe and a “pure expression of the new design theme,” the company said. It showcases several new design elements that will carry forward into production.

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