September 19, 2002

Mazda to give away 1,000,000th vehicle sold in Canada

Totonto – Mazda Canada expects to sell its 1,000,000th vehicle in Canada this month. The purchaser or leaser of this vehicle will be in for a surprise. They will get their
money back and receive the car free of charge. A ceremony will take place in
the selling dealership to appropriately commemorate this landmark.

“I am thrilled that Canadians love Mazdas,” says Mike Bencimol, President
of Mazda Canada Inc. “We, at Mazda, are proud that our cars have become part
of the Canadian landscape over the last year 40 years.”

Mazda Canada’s head office in Scarborough gathers purchase information electronically from every
dealership and will know where the millionth car has been sold within a day.
Based on preliminary estimates, it is believed the vehicle will be sold in the
last week of September.

September will mark the 50th consecutive month of year-over-year growth
and, based upon current sales trends, 2002 will end up another record year for
Mazda Canada.

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